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Thunder Weekender
Thunder Weekender
Thunder Weekender
Thunder Weekender
Thunder Weekender
Thunder Weekender

Thunder Weekender


12 Volt accessories can be connected to either the 2x accessory sockets or the 2x merit accessory sockets. Each one of these ports are protected by a 15Amp automatic reset circuit breaker. A 50 Amp Anderson Plug, protected by its own 50 Amp automatic reset circuit breaker is also included.

A 5 Volt, 2.0 Amp USB port has the ability to charge smart phones and power-thirsty tablets.

The built in 300 Watt, 240 Volt inverter is pure sine wave. This means no output failure when connecting sophisticated electronic appliances such as laptops or power tools.

Suitable batteries include LEAD ACID, GEL, AGM and CALCIUM and will accommodate batteries rated 60-160 Amp Hours.

Your battery can also be charged via your DC-DC charger (not included) or solar panel and regulator (not included), through the 50 Amp Anderson plug.

The Thunder Weekender is equipped with a full colour LED display that lets you know exactly what’s going on in your battery, displaying; Battery Type and Amp Hour, Battery Voltage, Output Current, Remaining Power Percentage, Remaining Time (Hours).

The Thunder Weekender is also equipped with a low voltage alarm alerting you when it’s time to recharge and is supplied with a 240 Volt, 6 Amp, 7 stage battery charger, which connects directly to the unit to charge your battery before heading out.

An On/Off master switch protects and isolates the Thunder Weekender’s outputs when it’s time for lights out, preventing the battery power loss when the unit is not in use.


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