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AAC Six Shooter
AAC Six Shooter
AAC Six Shooter
AAC Six Shooter
AAC Six Shooter
AAC Six Shooter

AAC Six Shooter



2.4 ghz frequency-hopping ensures solid connection to RF remote

Battery monitoring: view real-time voltage status in the app

Low voltage cut-out shuts down TRIGGER to save your battery

Customize remote back-light color via in app controls

6 channels, 2 x 30 amp circuits, 2 x 10 amp circuits, 2 x 5 amp circuits, All Solid State, 12-24 volt.

It eliminates the need to run wires under the dash or through the firewall of a vehicle when
wiring accessories.
Dimming and flashing functions

Several Trigger control
boxes and remote’s can be used together to control up to 24 accessories.

The buttons on the remote are more easily accessible than the dash
switches. No straining against the seatbelt to reach the dash, just a quick reach up and the
remote is right at hand.

The Bluetooth App will control on/off and dimming functions as well
Use the app to “Trigger” lights on from outside the vehicle when
camping, or for whatever you might need to activate on demand.

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